venerdì 18 novembre 2011

How to open iBook G4 case, step by step

iBook G4

A five euro cent coin to unlock the battery.

Unlock the keyboard pulling down the sliders.
Back of keyboard.

Keyboard connector.

Keyboard connector.

Memory bay.
Magnet on the screw.

A big ferromagnetic object removes the magnet.

Front cover screws.

Back cover screws.

Battery cage screws.
Notch inside battery cage.

Hooks and notches on back cover.

Battery release springs.

Hidden traps when removing panels.
Audio cables attached with both sides adhesive tape.

Trackpad connector.

Power switch connector.

Audio cable connector.

Internal side of front panel.
Screws on front shield.

Screw fastens shield and HDD retaining bar.

HDD retaining screws.

Removing HDD.

Back shield screws.

Inside back.